Communication Between School and Home

Effective communication between the school and home is vital to supporting student learning. The staff of St. Mary’s Education Centre Academy encourages and welcomes feedback and questions from parents and guardians.

Teachers will send a communication plan home by September 10th. The plan will outline the means of communication the teacher will use during the school year.

Means of Comminication:

Parent Portal –  The parent portal provides up to date attendance and assessment information on your child. If you currently do not have access to the parent portal, please contact the school and the required information will be sent home.

Strait Up for Parents –   Strait Up for Parents is a site accessed through the Board website. All teachers are required to utilise the site. Information related to classroom instruction including homework will be posted by teachers.

School Website –   The school website has been remodeled. It will provide detailed information about the school including dates of events and policy.

School Newsletter- The school newsletter is prepared monthly and is posted on the school website and on FB.

Facebook Page – The school Facebook pages provides ongoing up to date information regarding happenings related to the school. Teacher and coaches also will set up individual Facebook pages to communicate with a select group.

Email – (first name.last name and administrators use email frequently to communicate with parents and guardians.

Phone – 902-522-2035 Teachers and administrators use phone communication to discuss school related matters.