Parents/Guardians of Students in Grades 5-12

Parents/Guardians of Students in Grades 5-12

To help maintains a safe and orderly environment at SMECA, the following expectations were reviewed with students at the beginning of Semester II.


  1. Late Arrival – Students who are late will wait in office or available room until the next class begins. Teachers will close doors 3 minutes after the bell sounds. Students will then be required to report to the office. Students meeting with support staff members or a service provider will be admitted with a card from the individual. Students must work on classwork.


  1. Hats – The expectation is hats and hoods are not to be worn in the school. There will be no hats worn on Friday. It is an expectation at the school. It is tied history of removing hats when entering a building. It is accepted as a sign of good manners and respect in our community.


  1. Cell phones – Cell phones must be stored in lockers or placed in the classroom cell phone holder. They can only be utilized after clear directions are provided by the teacher to do so for a learning activity. The teacher will confiscate and send the phone to the office if students have it out. Refusal will result in the student being referred to the office. Students may use their phone at recess and lunch periods.


  1. Students are not to be in the hallway during class time. Students need to be prepared for each class prior to entering the room. Students can only attend to their locker during scheduled breaks.


  1. Food and drink - The only drink permitted in the classroom is water.


  1. Language – Respectful polite language is expected at all times. Students will be warned and then referred to the office for subsequent infractions.


  1. National Anthem – Students and staff must stand at attention during the National Anthem.


  1. Book bags and gym bags are to be stored in lockers. Students are not permitted to have book bags or gym bags in class.