SRCE Updated Policy - Bus Passes

SRCE Transportation Policy 9-A-1 (mandate and standards)


1.8 Bus Passes

A bus pass is required any time a student is being picked up or dropped off at any location that is different from the one that is recorded as the regular bus stop on the official bus roster. At any time, when parents/guardians are requesting that their child(ren) be dropped off at an alternate location, they shall submit a written request (note or email) to the school administration providing the exact location including the civic number and the name and telephone number of the individual at the drop-off location. Once authorized, the school administration will issue a bus pass before noon and will only be approved when there is available seating on the bus. Bus pass requests will not be accepted after 12:30 p.m. on the day of the request.


Please note that students shall only be dropped off at the nearest SRCE authorized exisiting bus stop location.


NOTE - Please note our buses cannot accomdate birthday parties ask ahead