St Mary's Pathfinders/Rangers Fundraiser

The St. Mary’s Pathfinders/Rangers are hosting a Food Bank Challenge at St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy. The race is on to see which class can bring in the most individual food bank donations. The class with the most donations will win a PIZZA PARTY to be held on December 18th. The rules are simple, bring in a food donation between December 7th and 17th. A donation box will be placed in each classroom. Members of the Pathfinders/Rangers will collect donations throughout the challenge and track progress on a chart in the main lobby. A Pizza Party sponsored by Clover Farm will take place on the last day of classes before Christmas break.




The Pathfinders/Rangers would also like to make a financial donation to our local food bank. So…from December 7th-17th pre-purchase a piece of duct tape from Madison Harpell for .25 cents and then use it to DUCT TAPE MR. MACDONALD TO THE WALL on December 18th. All proceeds will go to the St. Mary’s Food Bank.