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SMECA Stands Up Against Bullying

Students at SMECA were invited to wear PINK in support of anti-bullying. They will also particpatein an assembly in which they will watch a slide show, discus  Standing Up for Bullying, presentation of their Anti Bully Pledge Boards and a visit from our School Board Member Mallori Nickerson.



Please contact the school immediately if you, your child or any immediate family member contracts chicken pox, measles or shingles. We have a few students who have medical issues which can be life threatening if they were to catch any of the above.


Communication Between School and Home

Effective communication between the school and home is vital to supporting student learning. The staff of St. Mary’s Education Centre Academy encourages and welcomes feedback and questions from parents and guardians.

Teachers will send a communication plan home by September 10th. The plan will outline the means of communication the teacher will use during the school year.

Means of Comminication: