Fish Friends Science Program

Grades 4 - 6 Fish Friends Science Program
Posted on 03/06/2023
Grades 4 - 6 students of SMEC/A have officially welcomed Fish Friends to our school.  Fish Friends is a Science program that teaches relevant strands of Grades 4 - 6 Science, such as: habitat, biodiversity, life cycles, change over time, adaptation to change, freshwater ecology, sustainability and stewardship. Using the Grades 4 - 6 Science Curriculum Guidelines as its foundation, Fish Friends integrates Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Art into the classroom.  Our students have been involved in setting up a fish tank, introducing salmon eggs into a new habitat and feeding potential salmon species that will be released into our very own St. Mary’s River!  Stay tuned for more to come with Grades 4 - 6 Fish Friends!