Welcome to St. Mary's Education Centre/Academy

Welcome to St. Mary's Education Centre/Academy
Welcome to our School with colors of the pride flag in the background

Welcome students, parents, guardians, staff and school community members back to a new year at St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy! As a staff, we are very excited for the beginning of a new year at St. Mary’s. We have an exceptional staff who are committed to delivering a strong academic program as well as fostering the physical and social well-being of all students. The entire staff looks forward to working closely with families to deliver an exceptional educational program for all learners.

The strong support from our school community enhances our commitment to student growth and development. As a school community, we strive for student success, supported through our dedicated School Advisory Council, Breakfast Program and our reliable Lunchtime Supervisors.

At St. Mary’s, we exemplify whole student education by supporting the social, emotional psychological and physical development of students in a positive, safe and inclusive learning environment that enhances the well-being and success of students.  Our staff is dedicated and committed to providing engaging learning opportunities for all students.

We would like to remind everyone about our school Twitter page, @StMarysEdCentr1, which we use to share and celebrate student learning and success as well as school-related activities and events. It is important to review updates and information so that you are well informed of what is happening in our school. The student agenda is also an excellent tool for students to organize their school activities and is an excellent communication tool for teachers, parents, guardians and students.

I am very excited to rejoin the St. Mary’s community and team for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at (902) 522-2035.

Trevor MacIsaac, Principal